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Discover why WEIR Pest Services is Central Maryland’s go-to company for all residential pest and termite issues! Family owned and operated,we’re founded on strong moral and ethical standards.

For Residential Properties/Homes: WEIR Pest Services offers full support when it comes to handling your pest control and termite issues. We offer general pest services (monthly, quarterly, one time, etc.).

When it comes to termites, we offer complete removal services to rid your home or construction of these destructive, wood-eating insects.

General Pest Removal For Residential Properties




(pavement ants, house ants, little ants) - Many different species of ants populate this area and these insects can make homeowners extremely frustrated because of the size of the populations that feed, forage /trail and harbor around home sites. Landscaping materials such as mulch, stones and wood members create ideal harborage points for many species of ants. Unbeknownst to many homeowners and landscapers many plants need and attract these ants closer to the home. Moisture points in and around homes will create an ideal site for ants to nest. These populations can grow very rapidly so let our trained professionals control the ant populations in and around your home quickly and effectively without putting you, your home or your family at risk.




These creatures, although cute and cuddly to some, invoke varying emotions among people regardless of age or gender. Rats and mice are very adept at finding food, shelter and water. There are many diseases associated with rodent infestations as well including Hantavirus and Salmonella. Let WEIR Pest Services inspect your property and tailor a rodent program designed to solve your problem.


Bed Bugs


These insects, once introduced to an area, are very difficult to control. Please do not be misled, like many other homeowners, into believing that a sheet or mattress change and some over the counter spray can solve the problem. These insects can nest in the smallest of spaces on the mattress, headboards, luggage and even behind baseboards and electrical sockets. If you have seen evidence such as the bugs themselves, blood stains on the sheets or fecal spots on the mattress or furniture please do not try to treat them yourself. Call WEIR Pest Services today and get professional advice because some treatments can even make the problem worse or prolong the time it takes to correct it.




These animals can be relentless in making a house a home by chewing through soffits and siding to get attics and voids. WEIR Pest Service is a licensed wildlife cooperator so we can trap or remove a squirrel or other creature as well as provide any exclusionary measures necessary to keep them from returning.

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