Take the worry out of the outdoors—use WEIR Pest to quickly and effectively remove mosquitoes from around your home or property.

Mosquitoes can prove themselves to be quite a problem. While their bite can be itchy and annoying, prohibiting you from enjoying a summer’s night on your porch or being outside at a BBQ, that single bite can also transmit diseases such as Zika, Chikungunya, Malaria, or West Nile.

Individual control tactics are relatively new to the pest control industry, whereas we have been treating pests such as these for years. Our experience and professional applications can ensure your time outdoors will be less worrisome. Material applications help to control mosquito reduction, and are based upon your outdoor environment or terrain. WEIR Pest can provide you with a pre-inspection and options for mosquito services.

What else can you do to reduce the appearance of mosquitoes?

  • Get rid of breeding grounds. Remove all standing, stagnant water, including flower pots, pools—even old tires. Mosquitoes need little water to breed, so tip water regularly, replenishing it with fresh water if needed in a bird bath or dog bowl.
  • Landscape the lawn. Trim back bushes, eliminate leaves, and fill in anywhere water can collect.
  • Treat your yard. This is where we come into play, and can provide you the best course of action for applying a barrier that’ll keep your family, friends, and pets safe.
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