Labels & SDS

Below you will find copies of labels and material safety data sheets of the most common materials used by Weir Pest Services during our pest control services. These materials will be utilized according to the Label instructions and in the safest manner possible to protect your home and family.

Advance® Compressed Termite Bait LabelMSDS
Advance® Compressed Termite Bait II Label 
Advance® Termite Insepction Catridge Label 
Advance™ Granulat Carpenter Ant Bait LabelSDS
Advion Ant Gel Label 
Advion Roach  MSDS
Altosid LabelSDS
Altosid Briquets LabelSDS
Altosid Pro-G LabelSDS
Bedlam LabelSDS
Bifenthrin Pro   
Brigand WB LabelSDS
Contrac Soft Bait LabelSDS
Contrac® All-Weather Blox LabelSDS
Cy-Kick® CS LabelSDS
Cyper TC LabelMSDS
DeltaDust® LabelSDS
Deltagard G LabelSDS
demand® CS LabelSDS
demand® G LabelMSDS
Drione® LabelSDS
ExciteR Label 
Final® All-Weather Blox LabelSDS
Gentrol® IGR LabelSDS
In Tice™ Granular Bait LabelSDS
In Tice™ Sweet Ant Gel LabelMSDS
Mavrik LabelSDS
Maxforce Granular Fly Bait LabelSDS
Maxforce® FC LabelSDS
Mosquito Dunks LabelSDS
Nuvan Prostrips Label 
P.I. LabelMSDS
Precor® IGR LabelMSDS
Pro-Control® LabelSDS
PT Apline LabelSDS
Pyganic Label 
Snake-a-Way LabelMSDS
Talstar Xtra Label 
Talstar® P LabelSDS
Tempo 1% Dust LabelSDS
Termidor® SC LabelSDS
Transport™ LabelSDS
Wasp-Freeze® LabelSDS
WaspX Label 
ZP Tracking Powder LabelSDS

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