Bed Bugs:


WEIR Pest Services has more than two decades’ experience with tried-and-true methods of eradicating bed bugs from homes and properties in Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas.

WEIR Pest has over 25 years of experience with pests, using a common-sense approach to the removal of complex conditions that can often include bed bugs. Certified through the state, we have found bed bugs can be difficult for our clients to control unless dealt with by a professional, as oftentimes home remedies can worsen or make bed bugs harder to remove from a home or materials.

Although bed bug bites usually are painless and require no treatment, their presence can make your home and its contents feel dirty and compromised. Commonly underestimated, these bugs are durable and troublesome; a professional’s systematic knowledge and full treatments are necessary as anything else typically only aggravates the situation.

WEIR Pest has two methods of treatment, based on your preference and budget: material applications, designed for a particular environment, such as multi-unit housing, as well as heat applications, where a residential living area is thoroughly heated based on size and content to resolve the issue.

Once you’ve placed a call to WEIR, you can prepare for treatment by:

  • Reducing clutter and getting rid of magazines or cardboard (as bed bugs can hide there), grouping infested items like linens or clothing together
  • Wash and dry items in the hottest settings possible
  • Inspect furniture, baseboards, and other surrounding items for infestation

We can help you further inspect, treat, and monitor your bed bug situation for future occurrences.

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